To every OSource Empire idea, concept, event, product, service, business or startup, there is a story.

From The Genesis of OYESource 6+ years ago in Fuoye, Oye Campus (December 2015), to the evolution into OSource Empire.

There's always a “WHY”

We have come to the understanding that, this is WHY we've always overcome all challenges in time past & will overcome the current & future challenge at the company.

…which brings us to:

We have finally decided to repurpose the brand oyesource.com to focus exclusively on Fuoye/Ekiti Community.

Same way OYESource started and grew from day one (1). This way, we can consistently achieve our goal and sustain the legacy built over the years: Enriching Campus Life.

Now the Major Good News:

Admist everyting existing at OYESource, two (2) Highly Impactful event conceptualized in 2019 & 2020 are coming out fully this 2022 in Federal University Oye-Ekiti (Fuoye).

Event 1️⃣:
YOLO (You Only Live Once, Take Charge!)
🗓️ date to be released, 2022 (ASUU Strike palava).

Event 2️⃣:
Fuoye Campus Award – *FUCA*
🗓️ date to be released, 2022 (ASUU Strike palava).

With that said, watchout for more of OYESource to Enrich Your Campus Life as always.

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