And so there's been lots of buzz on Fuoye related matter recently, I guess the major reason been that it's already a new year and everyone wants to know their Fate.

First I must applogize for the delay in relating this content, but thank God for 4 hours of compulsory sitting in a traveling bus which gave the opportunity/time to put this down into writing.

Below are the answers you've been waiting for…


Is there more list coming out?
Officially, the admission process for 2018/2019 is 98% done. But to go deeper and to answer this question, it's is subject to one condition.

Recently, there's been a tough issue between Fuoye and JAMB, issue been that JAMB making it clear that Fuoye has admitted more than the recommended number of UTME students to be admitted for 2018/2019 session.

I should make it clear that at this stage, all UTME candidates intended to be admitted into Fuoye have already been processed and sent to JAMB, and the last batch is the batch that's currently witnessing rejection.

So… Let's hope that Fuoye and JAMB settles the issue as they always do and those affected by this can be admitted eventually. And for Direct Entry applicants, the rejection issue doesn't affect you guys and you can sure hope for more names to be released, only thing is that, there's no assurance which is why we are answering the questions below.

What other option Can I Consider?
Well, if you're yet to be admitted, and you don't have assurance anywhere and you desire Fuoye, we'll advise that you considering either of Jupeb or Pre-Degree program which will lead you to Fuoye next session (Pre-Degree into 100L and Jupeb into 200L) and if you want to, you should hurry cause the late registration is closing on 15th of January.

Read on How to Register for 2018 Jupeb

Read on How to Register for 2018 Pre-Degree


If Fuoye is still under ASUU?
Yes! For Heaven sake. I don't want to talk about how the rumour of Fuoye not been under ASUU came to be, but please don't get it twisted, though there's internal issue with Fuoye ASUU chapter, but whatever affects ASUU affects Fuoye.

It's because we where naturally done with the exams and 2017/2018 session, that's why we didn't feel the impact of the strike, it just felt as though we where on break.

When are we resuming?
According to the current calendar for 2018/2019 school activity resumes January 7, 2019, you can follow this link for full details and to also download the calendar:

How Come It Appears as Though We're Not on Strike?
It's ASUU that's on strike not the whole school, Non teaching staff (NASU) which are the staffs in charge of the administration of the schools are working and Fuoye management unlike other schools actually want school to be on session, so the calendar will start according to what's on ground, obviously no lectures will start till the strike is over, but when the ASUU strike ends, school continues.

I heard the school resumes on 3rd of January is it true?
Me I don't know where you heard this one, but that date only affects staffs and to be honest, most of the staffs plan to resume from 7th January forward.

What of Fresher's that are yet to do their registration like medicals and all?
This is no brainy at all, when school resumes on 7th of January, 2019 you can come and start what you've not done or continue where you've stopped (sefini).

Please I heard they have reduced the Sundry fees, Is It True?
Well yes, the Fuoye Student Union Executive did some movement towards that and it seems it's been countered by the management so as it appears, we'll advice that you chillax with the payment of school fee, but if you want to do bebeto you may go ahead and pay ^_^ (BlessUP).

What of those that have paid?
Actually, this is not hard at all, it's called “refunding”, it has happened in some schools before, and Fuoye can also implement it through a wallet system. Like, your student portal account can be funded with the refund and you can use that to make some other payment, or maybe use in future fee payment or something, let's just hope Fuoye management eventually reduce the fee and the ICT personnel can be willing to go through that process and implement it.

I'm told online registration has closed on December 24, what can I do?
Nothing closed on December 24, the scope then was that, the management want Fresher's to make school fee payment so the school system can be funded for operation, so the misconception was invented, but we didn't bother to address it so as not to be like an enemy of progress for Fuoye management, they are the oga pátápátá.

In short, Online registration do not close!

I remember I did mine like when first semester was almost over in my time (though we strongly encourage that you do yours as early as possible, why delay?).

When is School fee due… Cause I'm seeing all over that we should hold on payment for now?
Well well, I believe anybody applying to Fuoye has plan/hope of how to make necessary payments, and we do a good job of unveiling all this cost from the early days to all aspirant.

So please, don't complain as if you didn't know what you're getting into. We pray that God provide for you.

The current deadline for payemts is shakky already, especially with the whole issue on reduction, so for now, don't worry about closure, let's first address the issue of reduction or not, then we know what else to deal with.

Freshers that haven't done the online registration when are we paying the 5k late fee?
Geez! The 5k late registration is not about online registration, it's about school fee. That is, when the normal school fee payment ends, there'll be additional 5k (late payment fee) for those who didn't pay during the stipulated time, obviously the payment of school fee is actually the main pillar of a fresh students registration.

How do I get Accommodation in School Hostel?
The full information on how to go about this is available here:

How do I get Accommodation Off Campus?

This is where OYESource Housing comes in. And in case you don't know, the OYESource brand is registered and approved by the school management to carry out her operation, and to crown it all, she's registered with the Nigeria Cooperate Affairs Commission with RC No.: 2690660

So if you need single room, or self-contained, or flat in either of Oye or Ikole campus, you can checkout our housing website (www.ospotr.com/housing) for all available accommodation for Rent, and call us up to secure your accommodation.

? OYESource Housing contact numbers:

OYESource Housing – Smart Way To Secure Accommodation on Campus.

I saw you've been enrolled for 2018/2019 academic session on my portal, pls what does it mean?
What this only appears for those who have successful made the Sundry fee payment plus all other necessary uploads, if you're not seeing this, means you have a think or two to fix.

Engineering and Agric Resumes Where?
The plan has not yet changed, the management desire that this fresh student for this two faculty start from Ikole-Campus all we are awaiting which is the remaining 5% to make it 100% certain is an official statement from the management.

Ikole-Campus it is!

Concerning the Forgery Suspected Notification on Your Portal

Did you login to your portal and saw ?❓

Discrepancies detected in your O'Level result. You are to report to Academic office immediately before proceeding with registration processes.


It's a system glitch, please ignore and don't freak out, the Fuoye ICT personnel are working on some new development and the message will soon go off and only appear to those who actually have that issue.

I'm in 100L, I've paid my School fee and I want to start our course registration, how do I go about it?
Better don't jump into unnecessary frying pan, which course did you know that you're offering? Do you have your sylabus, course code/title or necessary number of courses to register for?

Please hold on on matters relating to courses registration, let school resume fully, there's no level adviser to guide you on campus, theres no senior (200L and above) to share their experience with you to guide you on right courses to do.

Don't even talk about anything course registration for now, let's ASUU call us their strike first and let classes start, then we can talk about course registration.


Now that your desire has been granted, every other to-dos that may seem tough has been settled for you, lucky you have God and OYESource.
From your online registration/payments, to hostel accommodation, to guiding you throughout the whole step, even if you have issue, we can put you through where and how to solve it. Interestingly, there's Akada Notebook ~ Fuoye Notebook 10-in-one and 12-in-one notebook.

Becoming a Fuoye Student was tough for us in our days, but our aim is to make the whole journey less stressful for you all. And you can easily get everything available from the OYESource Spot (O-SPOT) shops opposite the Fuoye main gate/fence, just look for the blue O-SPOT sign at the top of the roof.

Need help/clarification? Emergency alone, ☎ David on +234 703 840 6891

We're on a Mission to Make your Journey into and through Fuoye Easy, Smooth, Better and Less Stressful.

Support Contact:
☎ +234 703 840 6891 (David)
☎ +234 814 267 9006 (Paschal)
☎ +234 803 041 7015 (Ayobami)
☎ +234 810 916 5352 (Victor)

? source@fuoye.co

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