Hello source nation. The oyesource brand identity evolution (from the origin) has been an interesting evolution and growth to where we are right now. Notwithstanding the previous, current and challenges we may have going on, we are proud of how far you've come to love us and are committed to delivering better.

Given our years of experience (close to a decade), we just made a simple but interesting update to the oyesource brand identity. This simply identity update is made towards our effort to consistently enrich your campus lives. This time with better standard than we've been doing since 2015 and till 9015.

Evolution of the oyesource logo/icon since 2015 till date

Most recent and the new oyesource brand identity

What next from oyesource?

The growth of oyesource into OSource Empire (mother brand) has enable us better structure everything. Now, expect better deliver of everything oyesource we've established so far from now and forward. Including but not limited to…

》News & Update (Information)

》Akada Notebook, Wanger (Valuable Product)

》Fuoye Aspirant, OCloud (Support/Guidance)

》FAGEnSAGE, FUCA, DCUTalent (Awards)

》OSpot, OHouse, SourceTV & others…

God is the Source, we are oyesource. What are your thought on this new brand identity update?

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