Some days back, FUOYESU President was suspended by SRC, now The Speaker of the Student Representative Council of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti,  has been suspended for three months for allegedly  assenting to receive money from the Social Director.

The suspension took place at an emergency sitting of the house earlier today (Sunday 19 May, 2019) with 23 honourable members present to form a quorum.

Why Suspension?

In a conversation with a representative from UCJ FUOYE, one of the spokespersons of the SRC, Hon. Oludotun Bankole  narrated the cause of the suspension and other pending matters.

“Today we had an emergency meeting based on what we got between the discussion of the President and the Social Director and to that effect after checking the speaker he eventually own up to the allegation against him and the house suspended him for 3 months by 2/3rd majority of the house”

Hon. Oludotun Bankole

He continued that “he was suspended for actually receiving money, making demand for reception of money from the director of socials. He (Speaker) assented to it that he made demands for the money”.

Although the constitution requires the total members of the house, however, the members present at the emergency sitting were around 23.

Reacting to this, Hon. Bankole said “you know, to suspend the Speaker we need the full house and there is no way we can get the full house, some can be indisposed and all”.

“So the house unanimously agreed that the absent members were assumed suspended for that moment…There are areas where the constitution is silent so for that moment we take the decision as a bye law”, he added.

He further added that

Attempts were made to rescind the decision of the house on whether or not the President was suspended but we didn't conclude on the matter because as far as a good number of the house is concerned the President and the other executives affected are suspended.

When the Speaker, Rt Hon. Anifowose Temitope was contacted on the suspension he said “what I see here is some of our honourable members here have been bought. Most of our members are not here”.

“They raised a motion for the suspension of the speaker which passed and they now raised a motion to rescind the decision of suspending the executive members.

In Short

The executive that mismanaged the Nigerian students' fund and … the speaker that returned the money that was given by the social director has been suspended.

This post was originally written by Helena Idiovo

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