Fully aware of the needs and uncomfortablity of our students, We the Student's Union Executives have not relaxed and will not relax but keep working judiciously to improve the students welfarism. Not up to a month now We were inaugurated and we continue to appreciate the masses for given us the mantle of leadership.

Keep helping us in prayers as we continue our constructive and dialoguematic approach towards solving the rising issues on our students. Prior to the series of meeting been held with the Vice Chancellor and basically the one held on the 18th of December and 19th of December 2018; in which the Agenda have always been based on our recent updates:

Accommodation, Transportation , Infrastructures and Sundry fees.

Series of resolutions have been made in which we believe should be put in place before resumption and before the end of January as the case may be.

Some of the resolutions include ??

Reduction in Sundry fees

Fresh Students
Arts, Social Science, Education, Management??

From 103,500 to 93,000

Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Science Education. ??

From 111,500 to 101000

For Staylites??

Arts, Social Science, Education, Management.??

Was increased initially to 45000 but now reduced to 39000

Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Science Education ??

From 53000 to 47000

Please Note that the Tuition Fee has been consolidated I.e all other fees like SUG FEE, departmental Field Trip fee and the likes has been added in the Tuition fee.

Note: ?? Entrepreneurship is only payable by 100L and 200L Students while 300L Upward will not pay, which means #3,000 subtracted from the tuition fee in each faculty is the Fee payable for 300L upward.

On Accommodation: ?

Soliciting with the Vice Chancellor to have a reduction of the School hostel fee in Oye campus from 50,000naira to 35,000naira which we were given more reasons why it can't be reduced. After much dialogue, the Vice Chancellor considered a reduction of 5000naira but we enjoined him to reduce it to 40,000 which remains our stand. and that of Ikole Campus from 35,000 to 25,000.
How ever, we would love you to Note that We also encouraged a fast track in the renovation of infrastructures {broken doors, plumbing works, electricity, etc } in the hostels and currently work is going on effectively in the hostels. moreso the boy's hostel has also been approved to be fast tracked for usage.

On Transportation

We already enjoined the University Adminstration to allow the usage of the University buses at cheaper rates immediately we resume. And the fast tracking on the provision of at least an additional Coastal Bus before the end of January 2019. In addition to that We beseeched the University Adminstration to fast track the extension and completion of the road that leads to phase three and school hostel in Oye Campus and Faculty of Agriculture to Faculty of Engineering IN ikole Campus.

On Infrastructures

We implored the University adminstration on having better public address systems and desk officers, effective working and extension of street light within both campuses, repairing and fixing of lecture chairs, fast tracking the completion and usage of more lecture rooms and lecture theatres on both campuses, immediate refunctioning of the school Wi-Fi, Fast Completion/usage of Oye Sport Complex and immediate start of a developmental work in Ikole sport complex.
And lots more..

In View of the above:

Kindly Note that all is been worked on. For the fees, it has been sent to the bursary and ICT unit for an effective change, once the change has been made on the portal kindly proceed with your immediate payment.

Finally, we beseech all our indefatigable students to keep praying and giving us their ever reasonable advice and support. May God Continue to be with each and everyone of us and in his infinite mercy, shower His blessings, endlessly on everyone of us. Amen.

From The desk of The Students Union Executives.

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