Aborishade Olawale Sunday, a presidential candidate for team liberation, won narrowly at his Faculty, Faculty of Art, today the 4th of October, in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti sophomore Sug election.

The 300 level aspirant who is a student of English and Literary Studies in the faculty of Art had the electoral struggle with Ojo Isaac Sanmi and Awodola Samuel from the faculty of social science and science respectively.

Aborishade Olawale however narrowly missed defeat in his faculty to Ojo Isaac Sanmi who followed very closely with 125 to 124 votes respectively which would have been very demeaning for the Art aspirant.

The reason for the close struggle was said by some of the electorate to be the status of the faculty of Art as the faculty with the smallest number of department coupled with the saddening turnout by the student of the faculty. It was also gathered that not all the few available students of Arts voted for him for reasons best known to them.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that the quite encouraging turn out of the student of the Theatre and Media Art helped him to avert what would have been a shameful defeat designed for him through the refusal of his departmental and faculty colleagues to vote.

The final results of the SUG election favoured Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel (Unique A.O.S) who emerged a winner with 1,800 votes followed by Ojo Isaac Sanmi with 1623 votes and finally Aborishade Olawale Sunday with 435 votes.


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