Consequent to the first ever FUOYESU Election, which was held on the 29th September, 2017, FUOYE inaugurated the first set of Students Union Executives on the 15th January, 2018.

As this pioneering tenure led by Fashakin Taiwo a.k.a Emerald comes to an end, students react to their achievements so far.

According to Kehinde Oluwaseyifunmi Peace from Accounting, “generally, we really appreciate them a lot”.

“They really tried because to their own managerial skill, they tried their own best. But to some extent we don’t feel their impact as to what we thought when we were voting for them”.

Another student, Egbejimi Janet, an 100l evel student of Mass Communication, “like…they should just go because I don’t like their tenure. Educationally, it’s not okay at all. They might have done some other things that people might have liked”.

” They prolonged the semester; FUORIANS ought to be at home at the moment instead of preparing for exams. I hope the incoming FUOYESU executives will do better”. She concluded.

According to Odugbawa Godwin Edwin Moore, a 200l student of Theatre and Media Arts, “we shouldn’t expect much from them being the first set of FUOYESU Executives. I wasn’t expecting much from them. They really tried, to me. There are some aspects that I did not think they would touch, take the road for instance and the release of results”.

Also the issue of indigenes against students, they tried to the best of their capability to resolve it. Also, they fostered unity between Ikole and Oye students. Not that they were perfect but I didn’t expect them to do as much as they did”.

Akanni Tobi Bernard, an 100level student of Geology said, “as in…to me, I don’t think its very good like that but I won’t say it’s bad because they did their own best. It’s not very good o. There was strike, which is not good for 100l students, there was exam postponement too. All these are like setbacks to students. They should have fought against it or worked something out”.

“The SUG fee of ₦1000 that was paid by students there is nothing to show for it. No souvenir was given out. Not bag, not jotter and not even pen was given out. What then is the essence of the SUG fee?”

Also, Fakunle Felix Oluwagbemileke from Geology 100level said “what I observed in the outgoing FUOYESU executives’ government is that they seemed to have been afraid of the School Management”.

“They abided by the rules given by school and thus, ignored the opinions of Students”.

Concerning the Exam postponement, they didnt seek the opinion of the students before deciding with the School Management. It does not make sense, the fight against Indigenes. EKSU resumed after FUOYE but now we are almost at the same point”.

Speaking to Campus Reporter, the outgoing President, Fasakin Taiwo a.k.a Emerald, said “obviously it is crystal clear. Everybody can see, it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. The ten months has been like a hurdle, from one problem to another. But thank God for giving us the grace to overcome ,we are almost finished with our tenure. I won’t say it was successful but of course it was worth it”.

Also, Olugbeje Promise, the outgoing Social Director who is also the Social Director-elect said “we thank God for the journey. We the executives have been working as a team and it has always been challenging. There has been internal and external crisis witnessed on campus”.

Being the pioneering SUG in FUOYE, Students were expecting the FUOYESU to turn FUOYE into JERUSALEM overnight, which is practically impossible. I can tell you that we had a successful government. We did a lot, It might not have been beneficial to the belly of all the Students because everyone is after what they can eat”.

“The most important thing is we tried to make a mark so that generations after us will remember our deeds. It was also challenging”, he concluded.


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