11:41am: Elections stopped and the doors were closed for the collation of results.

Total No of accredited voters per department

TMA: 213
ELS: 303
HIS: 69
LIN: 63

Total Number Of Accredited Voters:683

According to the constitution of the faculty of Arts, a candidate either opposed or unopposed must have atleast 60% of the total votes cast before he/she can be declared the winner. As a result of this constitutional demand and the need to save time, the Electoral officials having unanimously agreed, decided to stop counting once the votes of the candidates who were unopposed were above 60% which is approximately around 400votes from the 683 number of accredited voters.

The results are as follows:

Faculty of Arts
Hassan Azeez Afolabi :400+

Faculty of Arts
Public Relation Officer (PRO)
Adeyemo Timilehin John:400+

Faculty of Arts
Ayorinde Oluwatosin Deborah: 400+

Faculty of Arts
Assistant General Secretary
Akinnifesi Yinka: 400+

Faculty of Arts
Financial Secretary
Bakare Segun Pelumi:400+

Faculty of Arts
General Secretary
Aderomu Adeola Esther : 400+

Faculty of Arts
Vice president
Oriowo Anuoluwapo Mary : 400+

Faculty of Arts
Ominuga Oluwatosin Hannah : 400+

Faculty Of Arts
Jegede Olaosebikan : 400+

Socials Director : 2 candidates

Aderibigbe Yakub Adedolapo : 422
Odugawa Godwin EdwinMoore : 268

Total no of void votes for social director: 10

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