FUOYE Related Matters Committee, A committee to see to the welfarism and security of both the students and the society at large. The committee held a meeting today and the agenda Of The meeting include Transportation, Security and Accommodation.

We have in attendance different stakeholders Of the community, the OPU chairman and representative of the king, the DSS, the civil defence, the national and road transports executives, housing agents association representative, motorcycle's association chairman, tricycle's association chairman, representative Of The student affairs division, representative Of The school security unit, the FUOYE Student's Union Executives and other representatives of different quarters and units.

On Transportation:

Series of debates came on based on the signing Of The agreed price but all was settled as the Transport Executives accepted to sign and were enjoined into immediate implementation Of The agreed price. Nevertheless, not all beneficiary to sign were available at the meeting thus, the signed document will be made available to the public after completion of signing.. Note? Implementation is ongoing.

On Security:

Discussion on rape, theft and other hoodlums activities were been addressed and way forward were been suggested. All dwellers both students and non students were enjoined to reduce late night walk, and legalised means of identification should be available with dwellers. Students and as Well as victims are enjoined to report cases with immediate effect to appropriate quarters and motorcyclist also were beseeched to stop work by 10:00pm so as to curb insecurity for the mean time. Students were enjoined to dressing moderately, cease the use of hard drugs, smoking of weeds, taken life-shortening materials, to cease the visitation of centers were all these things are been sold and also to stop been a wholesaler/retailer to the selling of hard drugs, weeds and so.on.

On Accommodation:

Series of issue surrounding accommodation were been raised, which include agency, caretakers, landlords and students.

Some Agents (Students and non students) have been noted to be carrying out their work in an illegal manner hereby duping fellow individuals. Also the having of 4-5 agents on a single house and collecting different high agent fee has made accommodation price in the community at a high state. Stakeholders in the meeting were not against students or non students being an agent but it was noted that anyone who claims to be an agent must be duly registered under a legalised association. Anyone caught in the act of agency and not duly registered will be subjected to the law.

It was also noted that the leasing of hostel by agents, caretakers or landlords without giving out the agreed room or rooms at the due/agreed time will be subjected to the law. And also each hostel owner should have a security and welfarism contribution to the community.
Issuing of receipts and collection of receipt immediately after making a payment is emphasized to be important as it was made known that some students collect hostel accommodation at high price and still do not collect receipt. When issues arises, they claim they paid a certain price without evidence of payment from both the student and the agent/caretaker/landlord.

In view Of The above update

We the Students Union Executives hereby beseech our Students to comply with doing what is right. To be security conscious, get registered if involved in house agency, collect receipts/ written documents when involved in money transactions, avoid getting involved in any form of misconduct and quickly report any form of case to us.

This is for your information and necessary compliance

Comr. Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel


Comr Omofoye Adetola


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