As we know information is power and paramount, we would continually update you with genuine information as we work extensively on seeing into the students welfarism, thus we beseech the Nigerian Students to be patient and avoid spreading rumours as we work on having a better session
We the Students Union Executives are fully aware of the series of challenges our students are facing and we are doing all our utmost without relenting to seeing into reducing them.

Based on Accommodation

It is no longer a news that there is rapid increase/hike in the price range of hostels in the community which is giving the students difficulty in getting an Accommodation with ease and comfortability. It's obvious that part of the cause of this increase/hike in hostel prices is the congestion of the town by students And different measures are being taken by the students union executives to see to the decongestion of the town. Such measures include:
  • The moving of Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering 100l students to start the First session at Ikole Campus
  • Extending transport system within the institution to neighbouring towns thus students are advised to start obtaining Accommodation In neighboring towns.
  • Ensuring constant price in transport fare from anywhere in the town to the school gate which we plead our students to adhere to as the new session commences fully by January. Price tags of cabs and bikes will be sent across soon.
  • Consolidating with the school authority to help fast track the completion of the second school Hostel and approval for usage to accommodate more students thus reducing congestion in town.
  • Consolidating the school authority to have a considerable reduction in the school hostel charges

And lots more.

Based on the Sundry fee {School fee}

The student union executives have started working in a consolidating approach plus fact findings Having known the uproar among the students about the sudden changes in sundry fees.
During a meeting with the Dean of Students affairs , and hearing from the Bursar and Deputy Vice chancellor, it was addressed that the Sundry fee is not been increased but consolidated I.e combining of other charges been paid by students into a single payment.
Meeting with the Vice Chancellor, he the Vice Chancellor addressed the issue of sundry fee as the students union executives raised series of complaints about the high fees being charged for some usage and not been implemented. The vice chancellor explained that most of this fee being charged are due to the inadequate funding of the institution by the Federal Government and those fee are what is being used to project and implement more infrastructures and services to the students as the needs arises.
The student union executives nevertheless made it known that the charges are still in excess and can be moderated after a long discussion without an agreement the meeting was adjourned.

Based on infrastructures, transportation, sports and networking.

The students union executives Oblige the University Administration to see effectively into adding, repairing and fixing of some immediate infrastructures in both campuses most especially in auditoriums and classes were needed.
During the meeting with the Vice Chancellor today 14th of December 2018, The student union executives also obliged the management to enable effective working of the school Buses at cheaper rates immediately we resume. And also employ the administration to ensure the readiness of the school Wi-Fi for usage.
PS: It is also a good news to tell that the sport complex at Oye campus is effectively being fast tracked as that of Ikole campus is being worked on as we improve our sporting units.
We would love all FUOYITES to understand that the students union executives are fully on ground to see rapidly in a gradual approach to the students welfarism and we beseech us all to keep calm and help us with prayers as we work on our constructive approach with the school administration.
From The desk of The Students Union Executives.

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