It has gotten to our notice that the issue of sundry fee payment and deadline for the student's has started raising series of alarms most especially when the last memo was been released from the Registrar about the deadline and school fees policy. And series of questions/complains have been sent across which we received and will never be blind to.

As it is noted that a lot of our students are been fed with wrong information hereby causing series of unrest and confusion. Yes, if you are not informed you will be deformed but it is rightly right that you are informed with the right information hence you agitate blindly.

Question: Can we pay the sundry fees (school fees) now?
Response: Yes, the sundry fees has been updated on the portal for payment since 10th of February 2019.

Question: How much are we paying for this session 2018/2019
Response: Non sciences which include arts, management science, social science, and non science education “Fresh Students are to pay N99,000 while Returning Students are to pay N40,000

And Sciences which include Agriculture, Engineering, Sciences, and Science Education “Fresh Students are to pay N107,000 while Returning Students are to pay N48,000

Question: How's the Sundry Fees been paid for this session 2018/2019 ?

Response: It's paid online via Remita hence you can make payment anywhere you are irrespective of your location.

Question: When is the deadline for sundry fee payable for 2018/2019 session before the attraction of the late registration charges.

Response: 10th of March 2019

Question: but the school just resumed, why the rush to pay, More so, students are still at home ?

Response: The school Believes since the payment is made online and registration and non academic activities already started 10th of December 2018, and payment should end 27th of January 2019 according to the first academic calendar. But with the pending of the sundry fees for negotiations By the Students leaders, the students had extra time for payments as the resolution for the sundry fees was made and the portal was opened for payment on the 10th Of February 2019 and the closure date before the attraction of late charges which Is on the 10th of March 2019. And since it's an online payment, students are enjoined to keep paying from their locations.

Question: What sort of sundry fees policy is the management putting up. Saying No Payment no Lecture?

Response: It was been observed last session that a lot of students indulged themselves into squandering their sundry fees even after they collect it early from their parents or source of funding, and took part in a lot of Sundry fee forgery acts which was detrimental to the university system and part of the measures to curb these and bring effective payment is the new policy.

Question: What's is the student's union stand and say about the deadline and new policy?

Response: The deadline for the payment is 10th of March 2019, before the attraction of the late registration charges and since the payment is online, we implore our students to keep paying from their various location and those that are yet to have to ensure they keep sourcing for it instead of waiting for the deadline.

As we requested the management to put in some services/basic amenities which include the Wi-Fi, Street Light, intensive Public Address , Sporting Facilities, Extension of Road works etc within some stipulated time in other for our students to get comfortability to an extent we believe that's why the management are placing so much measures to ensure they fulfil our request as signed in the memorandum of understanding.

Also, the past FUOYESU administraion put in place an insurance scheme in order To Help those students who originally and genuinely can't pay their fees perhaps due to an accident or death case hereby causing the guardian to be handicapped in payment of the student's fee as the case may be.

It should also be noted that the student's union has never been blind to any issue affecting the masses and will continually take measures to see into the welfarism of her students which is her utmost priority.

We would love to appeal to the generality of the students to cease the spread of Wrong information. Kindly consult or confirm information before been disseminated, we would also appeal to the students not to keep mute if faced in any form of situation, or need to drop suggestions or proposals, but inform us for quick actions ; call any of our Mobile numbers, Send us mails, Visit our temporary Secretariat, Or Meet us in person as we are readily available and opened for our students. Kindly approach us to always make enquiries.

FUOYESU E-Mail: Fuoyesu@gmail.com

Our temporary Secretariat: is located at phase two TMA building.

May almighty God continue to shower his blessings endlessly on each and everyone of us.

Viva Aluta✊✊✊





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