As the FAGEnSAGE Award event begins to grow from Stage to Stage and more amazing individual coming to support the Award, the most Frequently Asked Question is “Tell us About FAGEnSAGE”.

Kudos to the OYESource Entertainment Team as they continuously work to grow the FAGEnSAGE product. Right now, here is every detail you need to possess to understand and tap into the FAGEnSAGE vibe.


The primary objective of FAGEnSAGE is to recognize the outstanding performance and celebrate the amazing fresh and returning students of Higher institution student with due honour.

FAGEnSAGE means?

FAGEnSAGE is an acronym coined from the event target audience to form two different words and combine two different level.

FAGE = Freshers Award and Gala Evening (FAGE)
SAGE = Stalite's Award and Gala Evening (SAGE)

How it Goes

FAGEnSAGE Awards is planned to pay tribute to several fresh and returning students who overtime have shown a dedication to the advancement of the nation through creativity, hard work, social relevance, philanthropy and varying entrepreneurial endeavors.

Guests are certainly going to have an amazing time as there will be Music & Comedy Performances, Dance Show-Offs, Mind-blowing performances by Contortionists, Fire Eaters & many more.

About FAGEnSAGE 2018

The 2018 edition of the Award covers everything the previous session 2016/2017 into the 2017/2018 academic session. The 2018 edition is stipulated to hold 9th of February, 2018 at the Main Auditorium, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Red Carpet: 12:00 PM | Main Event: 2:00 PM | Celebrity After Party: Details To Be Revealed At Event

How it FAGEnSAGE 2018 Rolls…

There are different stages before the Grand Finale….

Stage 0: Pre-anticipation and publicity before, during and after the event

Stage 1: Nomination Stage (Research and Nominate Individuals Worthy of Recognition. People can also nominate themselves)

Stage 2: Shortlist Stage (Nominated Individuals Pay Nomination Form and Organising committee screen the Nominees to make sure the best will reach the final voting stage).

Stage 3: Voting/Final Stage (The stage that determines who wins, where Nominees get friends and folk to vote for them to emerge the winner of the Award among those nominated).

Stage 4: Celebrity/After/Winners party (Dance, fun, dance to follow after the dinner evening).

Stage 5: Post Event (Recognizing the winners and integration into other products and services provided by OYESource to make the winnings worth it).


  1. The important thing about the Award is the Interesting process involved, the fun, the vibe, the anticipation and the grand finale, its not only about who wins.
  2. Winning is Strictly by highest vote
  3. Final Shortlist Commitment Fee/Payment (₦1500 for single Nomination and ₦1000/Nomination if you’re paying for more than one) is now on and will be open to January 15, 2018 while voting follows almost immediately.

More Information is available here:

FAGEnSAGE 2018 Awards

FAGEnSAGE 2018 Nominations


For Enquiries, Partnership, Advertisements and Other Enquiries, Kindly Call or WhatsApp Any of These Numbers: +234 703 840 6891 (David) | +234 814 267 9006  (Paschal)

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