The faculty of science election which was supposed to hold today, 10th October, 2018 has been suspended.

The election which was supposed to begin at 9am today at the Faculty to elect new executives ended up being suspended around past 12pm.

According to an electorate identified as Richard Joseph, the main reason for the suspension of the election was because the electoral body couldn’t get the comprehensive list of names of the students in the faculty.

He further added that as a result of the inability of the electoral officials to get the list, the election was suspended, moreso because without the list ‘anybody can just come from anywhere and vote’.

Speaking to Campus Reporter one of the electoral officials who pleaded anonymity said the cancellation was as a result of the lack of cooperation between the agents and electoral officials as they complained that the officials are not performing their tasks.

He further added that there were cases of missing names on the registered voters list which means some of the students would not be accredited and that the impatience of the students also contributed to the cancellation; many of them complained that they have been waiting for hours and most of them stood under the sun, so they passed the aggression on the electoral officers.

While speaking to Campus Reporter concerning the suspension of the election, Orowale Triumph, one of the presidential aspirants, said the overaching cause was the unpreparedness of the electoral committee. He said if they had ‘prepared and started as planned the election may not have been cancelled’.

According to him, they were to begin by 9 but ‘even around eleven…twelve they haven’t started’ and there was also commotion because of no venue; shuttling between Jupeb and the Faculty building.

Also, he said one of the challenges facing the Faculty was the lack of harmony among the stakeholders in the faculty. For instance, the Faculty President announced Friday for the election while the electoral committee, the body officially assigned to do that declared Wednesday’.

Although, the various sources are unsure, it is rumoured that the election may hold tomorrow or Friday.


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